Make your Holidays merry with a 90s HipHop and R&B playlist…. enjoy!

Tidal will be free for seven days starting December 25th, spend your holidays right with good music and great friends. Peace and blessings to all. ūüí™ūüŹĺ

Hi, I want to share this TIDAL HiFi experience, “90’s Hip-Hop and R&B” with you.


Old Skool Playas to New School Fools (sing it if you know it)

When it comes to music every era has had that moment when the older cats just didn’t understand the new movement, that change or shift in the times. Some simple changes and some that would shape the times, from blues to rock, rock to soul, soul to disco, and disco to hip-hip. Times change but there is nothing new under the sun and that remains true with¬†Hip-Hop. Today main stream Hip-Hop is not the tight snare and 808 kicks (kick drum) that it use to be, it can even seem hard to tell if it’s Hip-Hop at all. So are we just old heads that just can’t get with the times or are these new school dudes just fools. This is my unbiased biased opinion. (I’m a Hip-Hop head of course I’m biased but I not here to tear down new school either)

I know the story, the who, what, when, where and why’s of Hip-Hop, but that’s not how it started for me. I’m Fort Worth, TX, the sister city of Dallas, TX; the DFW is my home and I love it, and for me Hip-Hop started in the South and the West. Before I heard any stories about the gritty streets of New York I was listening to Ghetto Boys and MC Eight with the drummer from my church. See it didn’t matter where Hip-Hop started and it didn’t matter where I was from, what mattered was that I loved music. I worked my way from the DFW back to the home of Hip-Hop because I felt the music, the stories the essence was like something out of a book or movies and it made you want more so I found more. I fear that problem with the main stream Hip-Hop of today. The stories that are being told are mostly about taking drugs and having a party which is cool if that’s your lane, but where is the substance?

Like I said before I’m not here to bash today’s music and that’s because I can’t. Music is art, it’s vocal expressions, it’s painted pictures riding colorful vibrations, how can I tell anyone that whats on their canvas is ugly. In the same way I can’t tell someone that Starry Night is beautiful or the Mona Lisa is overrated. I can’t tell someone their music is trash. Though I have many times and I will again I’m sure, but when I say it I mean it in the sense that I personally don’t like it, nor should I have to. This is Hip-Hop isn’t it, it’s rough, it was born on the streets from struggle but out of love. If I say a track is trash it doesn’t mean I don’t have love for the artist but it does mean you better up your lyrics, beats, or both if necessary, but only if you happen to value my opinion. If you couldn’t tell I just got a little passionate about what I was saying and there seems to be a lack of passion from the music getting played today but who’s fault is that.

So what’s the deal? Why is there so much debate over if the new style of music that has taken over is Hip-Hop. I’ve heard those who refuse to acknowledge the Trap movement at all and I’ve heard those artist who have embraced the new sound speak as if they have no respect for the Hip-Hop culture at all. That part is what leaves me with a blank stare, to hear someone say they haven’t heard a Biggie or Pac verse might as well be blasphemous. To say an artist that pioneered the culture be referred to as washed up because of their age is laughable when they are still relevant. What other genre of music disrespects those who came before them the way Hip-Hop does. At the same time it seems as if this younger generation feels disrespected by those who came before them and act if they are no excepted by the culture so they lash out.

I take a step back and come to the conclusion that there should be no reason that all of the many faces that Hip-Hop has taken on can’t breath in the same space. Respect seems to be the big issue here, but where should it start. No one should have to concede their opinion, we all like what we like, get over it, it’s just an opinion. You’ll be disliked, judged and talked about at times, that’s the inherent nature of Hip-Hop, expect nothing less. ¬†and as long as the discussion never stops Hip-Hop will never die. Signing out.

Old Skool Playa

Devour Love

I sit contemplating how I might DEVOUR you whole.
The chatter of a spinning reel each scene more bold.

This way, that way, arch there, peak here.

Her angles speak loudly.

A silent film.

To those present the sounds linger.

I’ve tasted your language.

Partaken your feast.

Nourished by your senses.

Full of intrigue.

Left drenched by her intellectual prowess.

Sight fading, afraid to touch.

I’ve heard of this reaction.

I’ve tasted your love.


Day 2: Feast for the senses.

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Front Seat – Front Door – Hallway – Floor

Front seat –

Henny shots no chaser I shouldn’t have driven I admit.

I would have hailed an Uber but he doesn’t have a partition.

Too much time wasted, pedal to the floor can’t take it.

How can I make it home, yearning the taste of your kitten.

Hand on your thigh as I pull up panties been off since half way

A puddle is forming on the front seat, let me eat it like its my birthday.

Front door –

Stumbled in interlocked from the first act engulfed in your essence.

Finally fully exposed dexterous hands and lips trace your silhouette.

Impetuously fell to my knees in praises of your royal presence.

Appetite grown from the rushing depths now fully fleshed is my marionette.

Against the front door you stand hands restrained calf fastened to my back

Thigh strapped to my shoulder one foot on the floor caving from the strength of my neck.

Hall way –

Thumping against the walls from side to side creating song and dance.

Lifting and contorting sweat riddled bodies complete shape infinity.

Each thud created beats like subs souls entangled in an immortal trance.

The presence of holy audience entertained by majestic chemistry.

Both ravenous and elegant we soar on enlightened plains of ecstasy

Not to be undone by mortal means we remain betrothed heavenly.

The Floor –

For how we got here is unknown whether fallen or thrown

Masked in passions fragrance pure creation from marrow bone.

Spirits hover high over bodies draped in unscathed sheets.

Connected spiritually and physically resting inside her as she sleeps.

Slow movements interrupt slumber now rekindled by her scent

In remembrance of promises told to gain experiences shed never forget.


Day 1: Anywhere But The Bed

#NaughtyNovemberNoir #novemberchallenge

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Unspoken Admission

I walked with you unknowingly never realizing you were there

Did we ever pass each other in the halls or share the same chair

These fates the games they play I’d finally meet you in our space

I was smitten from the first sight of you I could never forget your lips

I remember the first dance with you resting my hands on your hips

There had not been many like us the freedom we both gave

Who knew it would be limited eventually going separate ways

Time passes seasons change some grow and others diminish

But the moments written in our space are eternally consistent

First as a tragedy then as a farce it was once explained

Your once again gone from my sight though i see you clear and plain

These miserable thoughts weaving through land you still reign

If dreams dare to become reality what of begrudging nightmares

A world full of music, vivid color and hope but you know longer care

Now to again occupy your space with that coiled hair and captivating eyes 

Tell me you still hold me dear how you’re fighting to hold in inside

Remnants of the past sparkle in your glance assuring my suspicion

I can be satisfied with the territory I still hold an unspoken admission





Salvaje – J-La. 

 You call me kind and spiritual. 

 You speak of my intellect while I have all these primitive thoughts roaring in my head. 

 Like taking you without question, looking into your eyes without shame. 

 Tearing your clothes off with no regard to their brand. Hand clasped around your neck. 

As if you need breath! At this very moment I am the air that gives you breath the oxygen that fills your lungs. 

 Doesn‚Äôt your soul cum when I call. 

 I may as well have hit you with my club and dragged you away leaking. Mine now!

 I intelligent.